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We offer commercial diving services throughout Kentucky and the surrounding states

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Welcome to Marine Diving Services
With over 30 years of commercial diving experience, Marine Diving Services, Inc. MDS is equipped for the toughest diving conditions and is ready to help you with any diving project. Our experience ranges from off shore diving to inland waterways of the US with extensive experience in black water diving for water plants and power plants along the Ohio River. Because we specialize in dark and cold environments and are well equipped for this type of diving, weather and river conditions seldom hinder our work.
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Being involved in both Commercial Diving and Fiber-Optics, MDS has been exposed to and completed a wide spectrum of projects. Our clientèle includes Fortune 500 companies, Marathon Oil, Duke Energy, Dupont Chemical, MCI, Sprint, Quest Telecom and the Army Corps. of Engineers. MDS has also worked with many smaller companies and small municipalities; we feel comfortable at any level.
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Marine Diving Services, Inc. is a fully insured company. Our insurance certificate covers all aspects of liability.
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 Why Choose Us?

 Over 30 Years of Experience
  Reference Available
  24/7 Emergency Service

CEO/President-Sharon Prichard

COO/V.President-Greg Conley

      Hydro Electric Plants:
  • New Construction
  • Protection Screen Fabrication and Installation
  • Concrete placement and repair
  • Inspection and video
  • All types of plant maintenance
      Fiber-optic work:
  • Cable placement underground
  • Underwater and bridge attachments
  • All types of cable relocations
  • Bridge inspections and attachment maintenance
  • Fabrication of bridge attachment hardware and installation
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